Shark and Sandals is a startup board game studio located in Tiohtià:ke (Montreal), Canada. Our goal is to create clever board games that are easy to understand, but yet provide enough depth to be enjoyed by seasoned players.


We believe games should be for everyone. Hence, we aim to make our game as accessible and enjoyable as possible for everyone.


By developing clever mechanics, we trust that our games will create long-lasting memories for newcomers and experienced players.


Innovation is what leads our design process. We are constantly striving to think outside of the box, which leads to better game design.


Being concerned about the state of planet Earth, we take ecological responsibility for our projects. We aim to reduce as much as possible the usage of single-use plastics and pollutants within our games. We commit ourselves to donate part of our sales to protect the ocean and its wildlife.


Picture of Shark and Sandals Co-Founder - Hugolin Jodoin-Michaud

Hugolin Jodoin-Michaud


Hugolin first got involved in arts through acting. From there he developed his creative thinking and got into game design. Being a fan of logical puzzles, Hugolin strives to design innovative games for people to enjoy.

Selfie of Shark and Sandals Co-Founder - Yael Demers

Yael Demers


Born in a musical family, Yael was introduced to arts and entertainment pretty early on. As a physics major, Yael enjoys problem and puzzle solving – which makes game design the perfect way to merge both of his worlds.

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ASTRONOTS – Betrayal Awaits

ASTRONOTS is our latest project. Your crew was sent on a space mission to discover a new viable planet for humans, but on your way back to Earth you realize something odd: Some people in your group don’t seem to be the ones they pretend to be. You’ve been hijacked by alien parasites. Will the crew members find the Antidote before it is too late? Or will the parasites contaminate everyone aboard?
Contagion card - Astronots Betrayal Awaits
Action Cards from the card game Astronots - Betrayal Awaits. Made by Shark and Sandals.


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